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Advantages of acquiring the REUSE Token

Advantages of acquiring the REUSE Token. 

The REUSE Token was created as a “Utility Token” to serve as the main asset for
products and services from the Reutilize System, with discounts that can reach 50%
of market prices.

The Token will have a continuous liquidity, generated by the products from Xtrader
Softwares, a project partner, in which 20% of all capital inflow will be destined to
brokers. Xtrader Softwares operates in these brokerages with their products, and all
the obtained profit will be destined to generating liquidity for the REUSE Token 

With REUSE Tokens, you’ll gain advantages and discounts in a wide range of products and services

Read all about Utility Tokens, and don’t miss out on this opportunity!

A token focused on the environment and recycling, enabling a clean future for cities, as well as inclusive communities.


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